Smart B2C/B2B e-Commerce Software

Smart B2C/B2B e-Commerce Solution

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Software Smart e-Commerce Software
Due to highly optimized scripts and configurable B2C/B2B e-commerce features, our smart e-commerce solutions are fast and easy-to-use. Each project may be tuned to meet any individual business requirements. Our clients get a beautiful online store for 24x7 sales, optionally may organize effective help-desk service, combine multi-channel sales through variety of shopping portals and consolidate fulfillment in a single back office. This creates natural business growth, saves operating cost and let companies manage business via the Internet anywhere.
Cloud e-Business Solution
Our smart e-commerce software helps companies run e-business anywhere and sell more for less. All open-source solutions are setup in the cloud that is 100% powered by renewable energy and easily accessible with a browser only using any smartphone, tablet or notebook.
Elegant Software
Elegant. Scalable. Customizable
Companies that work smarter significantly outperform their peers. To make such practice viable, feel FREE to start online evalution of the kernel features available in AceFlex® software.
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